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It is rare to purchase a nearly 30 year old boat and actually receive some of the original paperwork for it. With Dunwishin, we were fortunate to have two previous owners who were fairly meticulous about the ship's papers - on board was a complete owner's manual - it included everything from rigging specifications to sailing and cleaning hints. It even included the original warranty card.

I will be happy to share what I have with other DE32 owners - if you are one and have questions, let me know. Otherwise, I've uploaded a few pertinent pages: the sail plan and rigging specs. Also here are links to pages of an original sales brochure. The spec pages are large because the small text required high quality - the brochure pages are needlessly large but thought a few people out there would like to re-create it at a decent quality level.

Warning: the pages here are fairly large:

DE32 Sails
DE32 Rigging Specs
DE32 Brochure Cover page
DE32 Brochure Page 2
DE32 Brochure Page 3
DE32 Brochure Page 4
DE 32 Brochure Page 5
DE32 Brochure Page 6

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